Front Desk / Budtender

I feel so lucky to call myself part of The Green Goddess family. This shop is truly unique, from the warm, homey building and high-quality products to the friendships created everyday with both staff, and our amazing customers. Being able to connect with the Portland Cannabis Community has been so rewarding. I love working in a small, locally owned shop, as it allows me to really take time with customers who are wanting education on products to help with medical ailments or talk about fun plans and recreational products to compliment those activities. I love using other herbs to enhance my cannabis experience. You’ll usually find me enjoying terpene rich dabs, smoking a ‘Hellavated’ infused pre-roll, or mixing tasty and beneficial herbs to my flower bowls. During the day, I love to use clear, euphoric sativa like Bruce Banner or Tangie to keep me motivated and energized. Then when it’s time to wind down, a deep indica, like our farm’s Blanco Kush x Bubblegum Chem or Deadhead OG, is a perfect way to help me relax.

Amberly, , Green Goddess Remedies Intake Manager

Intake Manager

I absolutely love working at Green Goddess Remedies in Portland. I highly value the relationships I have created with our regulars and being able to genuinely help people through medicinal marijuana assistance or fun recreational recommendations! My favorite method of cannabis enjoyment would be vaporizing our extracts. White Label Extracts has been my Holy Grail since their products give me the milkiest clouds which result in waves of delightful mental and physical sensations.
Michaella, Budtender at Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, OR


Green Goddess Remedies makes me feel relaxed and at home. There’s not a lot of cannabis dispensaries in Portland that make you feel comfortable and that are willing to take the time to educate their patients. If I’m looking for a sociable day high with pain relief, I go for our Sour Tangie Duo packs from Cascade Valley Cannabis.

Dominic, Green Goddess Remedies budtender in Southwest Portland, OR


I love the atmosphere in our shop. Being a small cannabis shop allows the budtenders and I to take the time to find the exact product for each person. I also greatly enjoy the people we have employed. Everyone makes me feel at ease and happy. Having great people and amazing weed is what makes the Goddess awesome! My favorite cannabis strain at the moment is our Lava Cake from our own Havonna farms. It’s a great strain to put your mind and body at ease. Perfect for after work, or on a day off to get a sense of relaxation.

Barb, Green Goddess Remedies Controller


Hello, though I am new to the cannabis industry, I have been a medical patient for about 10 years. Luckily, we have awesome budtenders who are increasing my canna-knowledge daily. Hobbies include gardening, reading, and hanging with my wife and dog.


I feel so blessed to be welcomed into the crew at Green Goddess after moving to the west coast this past summer from NYC. My own healing journey brought holistic earth-based medicine into my everyday life, and cannabis is one of my strongest allies for creativity and supporting the mind/body/spirit. I tend to lean towards Indica + Hybrid flower strains alongside CBD edibles because I love anything that relaxes my body + slows me down mentally. Lately, my go-to flower has been Purple Papaya and Peppermint Agave because they both soothe my nervous system while opening me up to simple enjoyment. It’s been great to connect + share with everyone that walks into the shop … who holds a similar passion and love for cannabis within their lifestyle + wellbeing practices just like I do. Cheers!

Meg, Green Goddess Remedies budtender in Portland, OR


Green Goddess is my new second home. I love spending the day with our crew and being able to connect with and educate the Portland cannabis community. I stay up to date with terpene studies and am always excited to discuss the magic of essential oils in cannabis! I enjoy rolling joints and dabbing my favorite strains, like: Miracle Alien Cookies, Duct Tape, Chemdawg, and OG Kush because they compliment my creative and active lifestyle. I use RSO or tincture that is high in the minor cannabinoids CBD and CBG daily. I have found that it helps my overall mental health and reduces the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Kyle, , Green Goddess Remedies budtender in Southwest Portland, OR

Shift Lead / Social Media

I love working at Green Goddess because it allows me to educate like-minded individuals with the knowledge about cannabis that I have learned over 5 years in the industry. Being a part of a close-knit, family-oriented shop allows us to provide a top-tier cannabis shopping experience. I love high-energy sativas. If it wakes you up and provides a euphoric and creative high, you’ll find me buying a lot of it. I really enjoy Havonna’s Deadhead OG for these exact reasons. If I’m not smoking flower, I am a regular consumer of White Label’s Sativa Sugar Sauces.

Sena, Budtender at Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland, OR


Although a familiar face to many long-standing Green Goddess Remedies customers, Sena is not a regular employee at our shop. She can occasionally be found working the odd weekend shift filling in and supporting regular staff as her schedule allows. Having been involved with Green Goddess Remedies since its inception, she is always excited to see interesting new products coming into the store. Her favorite strain from the farm is Lava Cake, and her favorite edibles are the Lemon Cakeballs from elbe’s edibles.

Sally, Owner of Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, OR


Creating and operating the Goddess has been the most exciting adventure of my life. Everything seems to have flowed naturally and happily over the years. I’ve learned it’s the people around me that make the Goddess a success. I’m fortunate to have a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, many of whom have been with me for years. Our regular customers are a daily delight and I really appreciate the support we enjoy from the Ashcreek and Crestwood neighborhood associations here in Portland. My all-time favorite strain XJ-13 comes from Havonna Farms. Helping to relieve anxiety and depression, with the added bonus of clarity of thought. We lovingly refer to it as Prozac in a pipe – it’s been a fan favorite eight years strong! I hope to meet many more cannabis lovers in the years to come!!! Swing by and say hi the original Goddess, I’d love to meet you!

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