Sally, Owner of Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, OR


Created The Goddess: Nov. 2013

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Favorite Products:

  • Sour Botz Gummies
  • High Desert Pure Nano Boost 
  • XJ13 – Nebadon Farms 

Meet Sally: The Visionary Behind the Goddess

Embarking on the journey of creating and operating the Goddess dispensary has been the most exhilarating adventure of Sally’s life. With each passing year, she finds herself amazed at how everything has seamlessly fallen into place, attributing much of the store’s success to the incredible people who surround her.

Sally firmly believes that the key to the Goddess’s success lies in her dedicated and knowledgeable staff, many of whom have been by her side for years. Their professionalism and unwavering commitment to the store’s mission have contributed greatly to its growth and reputation within the community.

Beyond her staff, Sally is deeply grateful for the support of the Ashcreek and Crestwood neighborhood associations in Portland. Their backing has been instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging and connection within the local community.

As a true cannabis enthusiast, Sally has a special affinity for the XJ-13 strain, sourced from Nebadon Farms. This particular strain holds a special place in her heart for its ability to alleviate anxiety and depression while promoting clarity of thought. Affectionately dubbed “Prozac in a pipe” by Sally and her team, XJ-13 has remained a beloved favorite among customers for over a decade.

Looking ahead, Sally is eager to continue meeting and connecting with fellow cannabis lovers, sharing her passion for the plant and its myriad benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Sally welcomes you to swing by the Goddess and say “Hi” to the Original Goddess – she’d love to meet you and share in the joy of cannabis together!

Tori General Manager Portrait

General Manager

Joined The Goddess: October 2021

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Favorite products: 

  • Anything with CBG
  • National Cannabis Co PreRolls
  • Grandaddy Purple crosses

Tori’s story in the cannabis industry began as one of the pioneering budtenders in Utah when medical cannabis was first legalized. With a self-taught background in herbalism and plant medicine, Tori approaches cannabis with intentionality, often blending it harmoniously with other beneficial herbs. This unique perspective not only enhances her understanding of cannabis but also enriches the experiences she shares with our customers.

Tori finds joy in forging meaningful connections with each and every visitor to our dispensary. Whether you’re seeking guidance on strains or simply looking for a friendly chat, Tori’s warm and welcoming demeanor ensures that everyone feels right at home.

Behind the scenes, Tori meticulously curates our shop inventory, always prioritizing quality above all else. Her dedication to sourcing the finest products reflects our commitment to providing nothing but the best for our customers.

But Tori’s talents extend beyond the dispensary floor. With a passion for graphic design and social media, she breathes life into our online presence, ensuring that our message resonates with our community both in-store and online.

From starting as the Front Desk ID checker to ascending to the esteemed position of Store Manager, Tori’s journey with us is a testament to her dedication and passion for the cannabis industry.

Next time you visit Green Goddess, be sure to say hello to Tori – your compassionate guide through the world of cannabis and beyond.

Michaella Budtender Portrait

Keyholder / Flower Intake

Joined The Goddess: March 2020

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Favorite Products:

  • Gron CBG Mega Pearl
  • CannaSooth CBG Tincture
  • London Jelly – Flyte Co. 

Michaella finds solace and joy in the great outdoors, whether it’s gliding down snowy slopes or navigating forest trails during a brisk run. Her journey into the cannabis industry commenced at the tender age of 19 when she was diagnosed with NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica) and subsequently obtained her medical card. This pivotal moment ignited her passion for the therapeutic potential of cannabis and set her on a path towards holistic wellness.

With a unique blend of personal experience and professional dedication, Michaella is steadfast in her commitment to promoting wellness and destigmatizing cannabis. Drawing from her own journey with NMO, she intimately understands the challenges that individuals face in managing chronic conditions and seeks to empower others through education and access to alternative medicine.

Michaella’s journey is marked by resilience and determination. Despite the hurdles she has faced, she has emerged as a beacon of hope within the cannabis community, advocating for its therapeutic benefits and championing its integration into mainstream healthcare.

Kylene Budtender Portrait


Joined The Goddess:

Zodiac Sign:

Favorite Products:



Alicia Budtender Portrait


Joined The Goddess: August 2023

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Favorite Products:

  • Mr. Moxey Relief Mints
  • Blue Dream – Oregon Roots
  • Farmer’s Friend Tinctures

With an impressive 18-year tenure in the US Navy, Alicia stands as a seasoned veteran of service to her country. Her military career, however, was not without its challenges. Alicia’s journey took an unexpected turn during the war in Iraq when she was injured, altering her path and leading her to make difficult decisions about her future.

Despite her unwavering dedication to the Navy, Alicia faced the harsh reality of her injuries, which ultimately led to her early retirement. Struggling with chronic pain that hindered her ability to work, Alicia found herself navigating the complex world of healthcare, initially relying on opioids prescribed by the VA to manage her discomfort. Witnessing firsthand the devastating impact of opioid abuse and overdoses, Alicia sought a safer, more natural alternative.

Driven by a desire for healing and a quest for holistic wellness, Alicia embarked on her cannabis journey. Despite facing barriers from the VA’s restrictions on prescribing cannabis products, Alicia remained undeterred, determined to explore the potential benefits of this plant-based medicine.

Her journey led her from sunny Southern California back to the Pacific Northwest, where she discovered a sense of home and belonging. Through trial and experimentation, Alicia found the perfect balance of cannabis and lifestyle that worked for her, paving the way for her own journey to self-healing.

Today, Alicia’s passion for cannabis extends beyond her personal experience. As a budtender, artist, and practicing witch, she combines her love for the plant with her creative pursuits and spiritual beliefs, living her best life with the assistance of this magical little plant.

Driven by a desire to share her knowledge and experiences, Alicia hopes to empower others on their own paths to wellness, offering guidance and support rooted in her journey to self-discovery and the healing power of plant-based medicine.

Green Goddess Remedies logo


Joined The Goddess: March 2024

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Products:

  • Our Flower Selection
  • Hapy Kitchen & Drops Edibles
  • Sauce Essentials Disposable Vapes 

Hailing from our vibrant city of Portland, Montana brings a wealth of passion and experience to the cannabis industry. With a deep-rooted love for his hometown and a fervent dedication to cannabis advocacy, Montana’s journey in the industry spans several years, each one marked by a profound commitment to helping others find relief and wellness through cannabis.

Having worked at numerous corporate dispensaries across Oregon, Montana has honed his expertise in cannabis products and customer service. But his connection to cannabis runs far deeper than professional experience – it’s personal. Throughout his adult life, Montana has grappled with sleep disturbances and anxiety, finding solace and relief through cannabis.

For Montana, there’s no greater satisfaction than hearing from a customer whose quality of life has been improved by a cannabis product. It’s a testament to the transformative power of cannabis and reaffirms his belief in its potential to help anyone in need.

Montana’s decision to join Green Goddess, a small local owned business, represents a shift towards a more intimate and community-focused approach to cannabis. Here, he finds fulfillment in fostering genuine connections with customers and being part of a team that prioritizes compassion and wellness above all else.

As a compassionate advocate for cannabis, Montana is dedicated to spreading awareness and understanding of its therapeutic benefits. He believes that everyone deserves access to the healing properties of cannabis and is thrilled to be a part of a company that shares his values and vision for a more inclusive and empowered cannabis community.

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