Green Goddess: Not Your Average Portland Cannabis Dispensary

Green Goddess Remedies, High-End Cannabis Dispensary in Portland Oregon

When you travel, do you do a ton of research and planning before your trip, or are you more of a spontaneous adventurer? No matter how you like to travel, everyone loves stumbling upon a local favorite spot or “hidden gem” in a community. Green Goddess Remedies is a lot like that, the favorite cannabis dispensary for many locals here in Southwest Portland, for so many reasons. The best Portland coffee shops, restaurants, and stores are often not the biggest or the flashiest. Instead, they’re usually well established with a great personality all their own. When you walk into Green Goddess, you’ll see what we’re talking about. Whether it’s your first time in our cannabis shop, or you’re back for another visit, you’ll feel as welcome and comfortable as if you were walking into an old friend’s house.You’ll typically find the most knowledgeable, diverse staff at these kinds of places, willing to sit down and really have a conversation with you. Our budtenders will do just that, taking the time to get to know you and your cannabis preferences from flower to edibles, so we can help you find the right products, often from vendors in the Portland area. Green Goddess Remedies is not your average Southwest Portland cannabis dispensary, it’s so much more.

We have been part of the Ashcreek neighborhood near Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland since 2013. Initially, we opened our boutique-style craft cannabis shop to serve people who were looking for medicinal marijuana. Today, Green Goddess is still a cozy little craft cannabis shop that welcomes first-time customers just as warmly as we do our long-time regulars who have been with us since the early days. Locals tell us they recommend Green Goddess to new customers and visitors because of our extremely knowledgeable budtenders, high-end cannabis products and accessories, and casual neighborhood vibe.

There are a lot of Portland marijuana dispensaries, and it can be intimidating to walk into one for the first time. At Green Goddess, we want you to feel comfortable, accepted, and empowered from the moment you walk our dispensary door. The Portland cannabis scene is competitive, with new, well-funded corporate dispensaries coming and going all the time. Green Goddess has thrived because our team has a personal commitment to our customers and we’re dedicated to bringing you a great selection of the best, high-end cannabis products.

The Green Goddess Remedies Team

“Creating and operating the Goddess has been the most exciting adventure of my life. Everything seems to have flowed naturally and happily over the years. I’ve learned it’s the people around me that make the Goddess a success. I’m fortunate to have a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, many of whom have been with me for years.”

Sally, Owner of Green Goddess Remedies

Green Goddess Remedies is a women-owned craft cannabis shop that is staffed by an experienced, passionate team that’s as diverse as the community we serve. We welcome everyone and value the relationships we’ve built and we’re genuinely excited to help people find the right cannabis products for whatever it is you need. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, something to help with your mental health, or the right product for a fun night with friends, our staff is here to listen to your needs and make the best recommendations.

Our Cannabis Menu & Products

We’ve curated a thoughtful cannabis menu that includes a diverse selection of high-end strains from over 75 vendors, including our own farm! From cartridges, prerolls, and concentrates to flowers and edibles, and even topical cannabis products, our budtenders will help you find the right marijuana products. We have an amazing spectrum of THC and CBD strengths and of course indica, or sativa dominant strains. We love to help our customers find the right match for their needs.

Not sure where to start? Stop into our Southwest Portland dispensary and meet our budtenders! They have the experience and passion to help you find the cannabis products and accessories you’re looking for. Whether you’re cannabis curious and looking to experience marijuana for the first time, or you’re a long-time cannasseur exploring new cannabis strains and products, our staff is here to help.

Why We’re Different

At our Southwest Portland dispensary, we care about creating personal connections with our customers. Cannabis is a fascinating and fun product with so many possibilities for use. We’ve spent years talking with our local vendors and regular customers about cannabis. We can confidently say (without trying to brag), that we are dedicated experts. We take pride in passing what we know on to our customers. We believe in educating and empowering everyone that walks through our doors.

From the moment you step into our marijuana shop, you should feel at home. We focus on the beauty and presence of what we do and how we do it, to create a fun, and fantastic experience for all. Everyone at Green Goddess devotes their time and energy into our little shop so that your experience is more than exceptional! We know our customers have made us one of Portland’s finest and most enduring cannabis dispensaries so we continue to build our community, one customer at a time. We look forward to your visit to Green Goddess.

Reviews for Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, Oregon  

We pride ourselves on offering you not only the best high-end cannabis products and accessories but also the best customer service. Our customers say it best in their own words, check out the reviews!

“Love the service and the atmosphere! The staff is always super nice, very patient and knowledgeable. Would recommend them to anyone a bit nervous to go into a dispensary, it is definitely one of the nicest ones I’ve been in so far”

Sarah S.

“Absolutely stunning inside and out. The atmosphere is beautiful and exactly what you want in a purchasing experience. Also the employees are knowledgeable and so friendly!”

Annika C.

“Great quality cannabis, excellent prices and great boutique dispensary. I recommend this place”

Marcella J.

“Very positive experience my first visit. Very helpful service with an awesome selection and good prices. Will definitely be shopping there again in the future” 

Evan D.

If our cozy little marijuana dispensary sounds like the place for you, please come check us out here in Southwest Portland! We love seeing new faces come through our doors and would love to help you find the exact cannabis products and accessories you’re looking for. Take a look at our online marijuana dispensary menu as we do have pickup and curbside delivery options, otherwise, we’ll see you soon! Contact us at (503)-764-9000 or for more information on our cannabis products and price ranges.