Your Guide to Finding The Best Portland Cannabis Dispensary

Your Guide to Finding The Best Portland Cannabis Dispensary

Portland is known for a lot of things, from coffee and food trucks to art and cycling, but our cannabis scene is a world all its own! Whether you were born and raised here in Portland, Oregon, or you moved here from anywhere else, there are so many reasons to love this amazing city. Everyone has their favorite local spots, but finding the best Portland cannabis dispensary is no easy task. This is a city full of amazing places to discover, each neighborhood is a village all it’s own, with its own personality and vibe.

There are over 90 officially recognized neighborhoods here in Portland, spread throughout the six quadrants (North Portland, Northeast Portland, Northwest Portland, South Portland, Southeast Portland, and Southwest Portland), each with unique restaurants, shops, bars and characters! Finding your favorites in each neighborhood is a fun way to explore and get to know this amazing city.

As one of the first places to legalize marijuana, there are a lot of cannabis shops in Portland. With so much buzz out there about “The 12 Best Dispensaries in Portland”, “Portland’s Best Cannabis Shops”, and “Top Marijuana Dispensary Menus in Portland”, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for your favorite dispensary shop. At Green Goddess, we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at a few of the factors you can use to help you find your favorite Portland dispensary.

How To Find the ‘Best Dispensary Near Me’ in Portland, Oregon

Shopping for the right Portland cannabis dispensary is just as important as shopping for your favorite cannabis strain or pot product. From the moment you walk into a dispensary, you should feel comfortable, but that means different things to different people.

Here at Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland, we’ve created a welcoming, cozy little craft cannabis shop. We’re not one of the big, cold corporate dispensaries. Walking into Green Goddess is more like walking into an old friend’s place than a store or pharmacy. We have the utmost respect for our products and our customers, but we’re not a sterile, aseptic dispensary. Here are a few things to look for as you’re browsing the best Portland cannabis dispensaries near you.

Green Goddess Remedies

Here in Southwest Portland, we’re known for our small-town vibe and being the heart of the city. Green Goddess certainly has a similar feel. Just minutes from Portland’s bustling city center, you feel like you’re walking into a cozy little escape from the world at our shop.

Know Portland’s Marijuana Laws

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of cannabis laws here in Portland as you shop around for your favorite dispensary. Here’s a quick overview.

  • You must be 21 and older and have a valid legal photo ID to buy, possess, and use cannabis.
  • You can purchase marijuana from OLCC-licensed retail stores. You can also grow your own or receive it as a gift.
  • There are limits to how much recreational marijuana you can possess. Possession of more than one ounce on your person (in public), or more than eight ounces in your household is illegal.
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal.
  • Adults 21 and older can use cannabis at home or on private property, but you can’t use recreational marijuana in public places.
  • When you find your favorite Portland dispensary, you can buy up to one ounce of flower, 72 oz of liquid edible, 16 oz of edibles, five grams of concentrates, four plants and 10 seeds.

Why People Think Green Goddess Remedies Is The Best Portland Dispensary

“I recently moved to the area at the beginning of the year with my boyfriend and we’ve both been going to all sorts of new places to try. I will tell you hands down this (Green Goddess Remedies) is the place to go! We no longer even go anywhere else and just call this “our place” now. The staff is wonderful, friendly and are amazingly helpful. They take their time to see what you’re looking for, and I’ll tell ya they literally found my boyfriend and my “glass slippers” lol. They only carry top shelf products, and get this: I’ve paid more for nothing special, and here I feel like I’m absolutely spoiled! I’ve showed friends how awesome this place is and they now will drive 45 min no problem to come here, it’s just worth it. And to whoever designed the interior, amazing job and I want to steal your interior design skills!” – Reagan L

“Absolutely adore this hidden outpost of canna bliss. The ladies and gents who run this spot are so kind and generous. Love chatting with all the budtenders, they always have a great smile and fantastic farm grown weed.” – Sean M

“One of the best dispensaries in SW Portland! Their house-grown flower has some of the frostiest and chunkiest nugs, and the staff is always down to go the extra mile to educate and inform.” – Matthew M

Getting to Green Goddess Remedies

Green Goddess is located in Southwest Portland at 5435 SW Taylors Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 97219. Conveniently located off of I-5 and SW Barbur Blvd/Pacific Highway in the Ashcreek neighborhood, near Multnomah Village.

If you have questions before you arrive at our Portland dispensary, please contact us or give us a call at (503) 764-9000. We can’t wait to welcome you into our craft cannabis shop here in Southwest Portland!