Our Green Goddess Budtender Holiday Guide

The team at Green Goddess Remedies

It’s that time of the year again in Portland!

The end of the year is winding down which means it’s prime time for the gathering of family and friends. Getting together to relax and chill out should be a top priority to help counteract the stress of the hustle and bustle of the season. While new year’s resolutions are starting to be thought about, it is never too early to try something new at your gatherings. We asked five of our Budtenders what cannabis strains they recommend and they gave a good variety of Indicas, Stavias and Hybrid strains to choose from!

Amberly, , Green Goddess Remedies Intake Manager
Budtender Amberly’s Recommendations:

Winberry Farms – Guava OG cartridge
THC: 85.4% CBD: 1.18%
“Winberry Farms cartridges are botanically infused with natural fruit terpenes and create some of my most loved products. My absolute favorite cartridge is the Guava OG, an indica dominant hybrid that creates a relaxing buzz without being sedating. The flavor is a clean, tropical blend that is smooth and sweet.”

Rock Creek Farms – Dutch Hawaiian flower
Dutch Treat x Hawaiian Sativa
THC: 25.7% CBD: 0.8%
“I am generally an indica connoisseur, but this sativa puts me in a euphoric state with an intense high. The flower has a delightful fruity quality backed up by a little funk. This strain is my go-to for a daytime high where I want a considerable buzz while also keeping me uplifted.”

Viola – Cherry Truffle live resin extract
THC: 48.59% CBD: 5.07%
“I have fallen in love with Viola’s lineup of live resin diamonds. The saucy diamonds of the Cherry Truffle have been my favorite, offering a smooth, milky cloud off my vaporizer that retains a natural sweetness. The effect is a heavy body high while also giving a nice head change, I love using Cherry Truffle to relax after work.”

Kyle, , Green Goddess Remedies budtender in Southwest Portland, OR
Budtender Kyle’s Recommendations:

Rock Creek Farms – Dutch Hawaiian flower
Dutch Treat x Hawaiian Sativa
THC: 25.7% CBD: 0.8%
“Dutch Hawaiian is one of my favorite Sativas that we carry frequently. Being a Dutch Treat and hawaiian cross this flower gives users an uplifting euphoric high that tapers into a light body high / clear headed high. I would recommend this flower for a night watching Netflix or the late night creatives.”

Williams Wonder Farm – Pineapple Express
THC: 25.15%
“Pineapple Express is the perfect worker’s smoke. This piney yet citrusy flower gives a tremendous boost to energy with a fantastic creative euphoria that lasts for hours. I would recommend this flower for day time smokers who like to be engaged in active tasks.”

Halo – Maui Wowie
THC: 23.8% CBD: 1.38%
“Maui Wowie is a classic sativa that offers a solid CBD % compared to the average sativa. With a terpene profile containing Limonene and Linalool Maui Wowie has a citrus/ lemon flavor and provides relief for consumers who suffer with anxiety and depression. I would recommend Maui Wowie for consumers who want a brighter, more euphoric experience without fearing anxiety that typically comes with sativas.”

tori, a budtender at Green Goddess
Budtender Tori’s Recommendations:

Halo – Maui Wowie
THC: 23.4% CBD: 1.38%
“I’m currently loving the high-end euphoria and pineapple flavors that our Maui Wowie has to offer. This strain allows my mind to drift off to creative places while keeping me relaxed. Aside from the initial fruity pineapple, the flavor profile also offers a hint of pine, along with citrus and lavender. It is a strain that leaves me feeling energetic and focused, making it perfect for daytime. Maui Wowie’s uplifting effects are great at melting away symptoms of Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Stress. All in all, this tropical happy-go-lucky strain is a must try!”

Nebadon Farms – Ice Cream Cake
“Ice cream cake is one of my go-to pain relievers. This creamy strain offers some pleasant earthy and fruity notes. Giving off vanilla and lemon aromas, this colorful strain always helps me relax. The steady creep of heavy effects after the first hit seems to allow stress and pain from the day to just melt off, allowing me to get the physical and mental rest I need. I definitely recommend ice cream cake to anyone who likes a classic relaxing body dominant indica high.”

Oregon Roots – Purple Punch
THC: 26.5%
“One of my favorite strains to look at, this gorgeous frosty purple flower is one of my all-time favorites. It helps to manage my sleep, stress, insomnia, and body aches. Reminiscent of purple kool aid, this strain has a very sweet vanilla blueberry taste, with smells of blueberry and grapes. It’s a heavy hitter, making sure you feel its effects right away, starting behind the eyes and sinking into your body and limbs. If you’re looking to improve your sleep, look no further. This strain is recommended for night time use!”

Meg, Green Goddess Remedies budtender in Portland, OR
Budtender Megan’s Recommendations:

Otto’s OG Farm – King Louie XIII OG
THC: 25.95% CBD: .07%
“Louie is regularly stocked on our shelf. Her lineage is OG Kush crossed with LA Confidential. I love OG Kush genetics because of it’s gassy, piney, and woody aroma alongside it’s heavy bodied effects. The top expected terpenes are Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene which makes her the perfect evening toke for relaxing sore muscles, reducing stress, and increasing appetite before dinner.”

Nebadon Farms – Blanco Kush x Bubblegum Chem
THC: 29%
“This strain is unlike anything I have ever smoked before. Starting with her jar presentation, the beautiful bud structure shows off her trichome caked purple and dark green sugar leaves. She hits you in the face with a pungent aroma of pine and gas, followed by notes of funky tropical fruit. Her buds are sticky and grind up perfectly for a hand-rolled joint. The effects of this strain are a euphoric mood boost that is clear-headed enough to focus on a good book or movie while relaxing your entire body. “

Yance Farms – Ultra White Amnesia
THC: 19% CBD: 2%
“I typically don’t smoke sativas because they are too racy. However this strain and other strains in the Haze family are dominant in the terpenes Terpinolene and Myrcene. When those terpenes are paired alongside the typical sativa terpenes, Limonene and Caryophyllene, I have found the experience to be more mellow and creative. I love enjoying this strain to relax my muscles but keep my mind focused and energized before a hike or taking on a creative project.”

Budtender Taylor’s Recommendations:

Nebadon Farms – Peppermint Agave
THC: 23.2%
“I love this one because it’s an Indica that isn’t too heavy. As soon as I took a hit I felt all my muscles relax and I felt much happier and at peace. It has a really clean taste that reminds me of a strain like Lemon Kush even though the genetics are a mystery.”

Nebadon Farms – Sundae Driver
THC: 19.5%
“I love this strain because it feels like a true Hybrid. Not too racy, not too sleepy. It helps me focus when I’m trying to be creative and accomplish a project. It’s also tasty with that Grape Pie cross! Yum!”

Drops – Blueberry Muffin 4:1
“I know this isn’t flower but I LOVE the drops. This specific one only has 2.5mg THC per gummy but I still felt a nice body high because there was so much CBD to complement the THC. Definitely can’t get anything done while high on these but they have me feeling so relaxed, giggly, and heavy. Can’t beat it!”

Michaella, Budtender at Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, OR
Budtender Michaella’s Recommendations:

Oregon Roots – Purple Punch
THC: 18%
“If you are looking for a tasty dessert weed. Look no further. Purple punch has very fruity and milky notes and will relax and decompress you from a long day’s work. Its lineage comes from crossing Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple.”

Fox Barry Farms – Tang Breath
THC: 27.59%
“Sitting at 27.59%, this gassy and light notes of orange citrus will have your body Relaxing body high but your mind in a clear headed mind space. Not sedating but body relaxing.”

Nebadon Farms – Blanco Kush x Bubblegum Chem
THC: 29%
“If you are looking for funk and want an awesome body high with stoney heady effects, this indica dominant hybrid will be the one for you. At 29%, this super sticky bud with lots of trichomes will provide you a flavorful and potent high.”

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