Finding The Best Portland Marijuana Products

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Repeat visitors at our dispensary often go straight to their favorite cannabis products whether it be flower or delicious edible. They have some favorite brands and top picks, and can get laser-focused on knowing what they want. While we love when people have favorite products, we also love introducing all of our customers to something new! The team at Green Goddess Remedies has incredible relationships with the vendors of our cannabis products. Our vendors come from a tight knit community looking to sell local and add top-tier products to Portland cannabis dispensaries.

Green Goddess Remedies has been in the Portland cannabis industry since the start. We have watched it grow and evolve in Oregon throughout the years. Sometimes we like to sit back to reflect where we have come from. A big reason we have such a stable foothold in the Portland community is thanks to the quality products we receive from our vendors.

Sally, Owner of Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, OR

From Medical Producer to Owner of a Boutique Cannabis Dispensary

The 2008 market crash was tough for many of us and Green Goddess Remedies’ owner, Sally was no different. After a divorce and looming financial difficulties, she decided to reinvent herself during this time. By the time the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) started, Sally ventured into this new and emerging cannabis industry as a medical producer. The farm she created as a medical marijuana producer eventually gave birth to Green Goddess Remedies.

Finding Our Footing in the Portland Area

When Green Goddess Remedies opened, Sally had no clue where to find Portland cannabis vendors. As luck had it, Sally met Roshawn, the owner of Green Leaf Lab, who ended up saving the bacon. A week or two before Green Goddess Remedies opened, Roshawn gave a list of vendors to contact so Sally could have more than just flower to display for opening day.

What Life Has Been Life Since Inception

Finding cannabis vendors today is simple thanks to the variety of platforms we can use and wholesalers who add simplicity to purchasing. We truly admire all our marijuana product vendors because they are continually making changes in a volatile marketplace through their pure grit. Sadly, we have seen many wonderful companies and people leave the industry over the years but we appreciate all the relationships we have created and maintained.

Our Vendors From The Start

We need to give credit where credit is due. Green Goddess Remedies wouldn’t have gone as far as it has without our fantastic vendors. Here is a list of all our cannabis vendors we have had since the start!

Come Support them at Green Goddess, Portland’s best cannabis dispensary!

Whether you are new to using marijuana or looking to find the next best cannabis product, our Green Goddess Remedies budtenders are ready to help! Check out our online menu to see which products we currently have available then head to our cozy little shop near Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland.