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We love to embrace the ceremony of breaking down a flower and packing a pipe or bowl, just as much as we love the crackle of a sparkly bud! Finding the right cannabis flower can be an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming experience. Whether you’re new to smoking or vaping and need help making your first purchase, or you’re a long-time smoker looking for a new favorite strain, you’re in the right place! We know how diverse our Portland customers are, and we’ve curated the right menu of cannabis flower products to ensure we can help you find your favorites at our cozy little shop near Multnomah Village!

Shopping for Cannabis Flowers

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when looking for something new, but we recommend you take your time when it comes to finding the right strain of cannabis flower. Our Green Goddess Remedies team is here to make sure you enjoy the experience, get all of your questions answered, and walk out excited to try the products. When you’re choosing a cannabis flower, keep these tips in mind:

Close Up of Marijuana Flowers for Sale at Available at Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland Oregon
Smell the flower.

The best flowers will have a strong odor. Citrusy, hoppy, sweet, skunky, whatever the dominant scent is, you’ll be able to easily tell when smelling high quality cannabis flowers.If you come across a cannabis flower that smells like hay or grass, the product probably wasn’t dried or cured well.

Pay attention to the trim job.

Hand-trimmed cannabis flowers are typically a higher quality product then machine-trimmed ones. The attention and care that goes into hand-trimming a flower will result in a better product.

Ask about the curing process.

Just like a tobacco product, cannabis benefits from time in an air-tight glass container to dry out. You’ll get maximum flavor from a cannabis flower that has been well-cured.

Look for colors.

Try to avoid flowers that are muted and colorless, and instead look for bright, colorful flowers with pink, purple, blue and orange hairs popping out from between the green buds.

Cannabis Flowers for Sale at Available at Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland Oregon

Here at Green Goddess Remedies, we’re confident in our staff’s education and experience when it comes to matching our Portland customers with the right products. Get to know a bit more about our flower menu today!


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Our inventory doesn’t stop there, though! Check out all of our available cannabis flowers then stop in soon and talk to one of our amazing budtenders about what you’re looking for!

New - Try out our new cannabis flower products!

Tao Gardens - True Glue B Buds - Oz Deal Only - 1152

Flower by Taho Gardens

THC 29.31% | CBD 0.03%

Urban Pharm - Lemon Kush - 4453

Hybrid Flower by Pharm

THC 20.5%

HALO - PHK - 4389

Indica Flower by Dreamfield

Nebadon Farms - GMO - 1703

Flower by Nebadon Farms

Best Sellers - These marijuana flowers are our best sellers for a reason, don’t miss out!

Hush - Pineapple (1/8th Only - NO DISCOUNTS!) - 5288

Flower by DYME Brands

THC 18.69% | CBD 2.23%

Otto’s OG Farm - Cake Batter - 2023

Hybrid Flower by Otto’s OG Farm

THC 21.68% | CBD 0.07%

Trending Now - Experience what the buzz is all about with our trending flowers!

Willamette Valley Exclusives - Blueberry Muffins - 7031

Hybrid Flower by Honu Inc.

THC 24.49% | CBD 0.16%

45th Latitude - Xena - 3085

Flower by 45th Latitude

THC 31.8%

More Cannabis Flower Products from Green Goddess Remedies

Left Coast Standard - Wedding Crasher #7 - 3957

Hybrid Flower by Cosmic Treehouse

THC 20.24% | CBD 0.06%

Nebadon - Double Dream - 1691

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 18.4%

Good Dog Farms - Zprite - 6715

Hybrid Flower by Good Dog Farms

THC 25.4%

45th Parallel Farms - Alien Orange Cookies - 1956

Hybrid Flower by Cosmic Treehouse

THC 18.16%

Nebadon Farms - Citrus Sap - 0315

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 17%

Emerald Green Gardens - Blue Magoo - 6567

Hybrid Flower by Emerald Green Gardens

THC 23.2%

45th Latitude - MAC - 2417

Flower by 45th Latitude

THC 21.7%

Good Dog Farms - Ice Cream Cake - 6595

Indica Flower by Good Dog Farms

THC 23.2%

East Fork Cultivars - ACDC Cookies - 2857

Hybrid Flower by East Farm Cultivars

THC 6.02% | CBD 4.76%

Sow Canna - Hindu Kush - 0627

Indica Flower by Sow Canna

THC 21.85% | CBD 1.73%

Truly Oreganic - Thai Crush - 2938

Sativa Flower by Truly Oreganic

THC 19.3% | CBD 0.04%

East Fork Cultivar - Canna Tsu

Hybrid Flower by East Fork Cultivars

THC 0.84% | CBD 14.8%

Celadon - Banana Puddintain - 2636

Hybrid Flower by Horticulture

THC 28.02% | CBD 0.09%

KNF Farms - Cheddarwurst - 0206

Hybrid Flower by Panky

THC 23.28% | CBD 0.14%

Nebadon Farms - Lava Cake - 1706

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 20.3%

Nebadon Farms - XJ-13 - 1582

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 17.1%

45th Parallel Farms - crown Royal - 5333

Hybrid Flower by Cosmic Treehouse

THC 25.5%

Nebadon Farms - Citrus Sap - 0315

Indica Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 18.75%

Horticulture - MLB - 0633

Flower by Horticulture Distribution LLC

THC 28.02% | CBD 0.09%

We can’t wait to help you find your new favorite cannabis flower at Green Goddess! Whether you’re looking for your first flower or you’re a discerning smoker ready for something new, Green Goddess is the right place to make your next purchase. Stop in and see us soon, or contact us with any questions you have!

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