Cooking with Cannabis for Beginners

Cooking with Cannabis

Here in Portland, October is often called our Second Summer, but as the weather starts to cool down and our days get shorter, we can’t help but start thinking of all the ways to get a little cozier at home. Of course we love the excitement and activity that comes with a busy Portland summer, but there’s just something so rewarding about settling in once the temps drop. One of our favorite ways to welcome fall and winter is to start cooking, and for the Green Goddess team, that often means cooking with cannabis!

If you’re new to making edibles, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve compiled some of the best insight and advice we wish we’d had back when we started cooking with some of Portland’s best cannabis.

First off, why are edibles so popular?

Edibles are a great option when you’re not in the mood to smoke, or just exploring something new! Making your own edibles allows you to portion out the amount of THC that’s right for you. As you start to explore the world of cooking with cannabis, and perfecting your favorite recipes, you’ll find all sorts of reasons why you may prefer an edible over smoking!

Don’t forget, at Green Goddess Remedies, we offer a variety of pre-made edibles so you don’t have to break out any cookbook or figure out measurements. If you do, however, want to try your hand at cooking with cannabis, keep reading!

What are some of the most popular culinary cannabis recipes?

Some of the OG edibles that probably come to mind are gummies, brownies, and cookies, but the world really is your oyster when it comes to finding the best cannabis-infused recipes for your table! When you’re cooking with cannabis, you need to include fats so that your body can absorb the THC or CBD, because they are fat-soluble. That means any recipe that includes an oil is probably a great candidate for cooking with cannabis! Think French Toast, a saucy pasta dish, infused ice cream, cannabutter with fresh herbs… are you hungry yet?

What do I need to cook with cannabis?

You won’t need any fancy kitchen supplies when cooking with cannabis, other than the tools the recipe calls for, but if you plan on regularly cooking edibles, you may want to buy separate pans since you may start to notice a green hue to your cookware. When you’re starting out, just make sure to give yourself time to experiment, stock up plenty of ingredients, and don’t expect perfection with your first attempt!

As for the cannabis products to use while baking your edibles, we typically recommend cannabutter or infusing oils. You can also soak marijuana in a high-proof alcohol which can be used to make hard candy. When you’re starting out, it’s best to talk through your recipes and ideas with your favorite budtender to get their recommendations and insight based on what you’ll be cooking!

Frequently asked questions about edibles:

There have been a few studies done to see whether or not edibles lose any potency over time. The overall consensus is that they are good for a year without any noticeable potency loss.

Since edibles are digested, it takes between 30-45 minutes before they kick in so plan accordingly. If you are looking for something with a faster high, we suggest trying tinctures – which are oils you can put on your gums.

If your edible is high with THC, you may feel the munchies coming on. If you have more CBD, your edible could act as a hunger suppressant.

This will depend on the dosage of your edible but the typical high from an edible will last between six to eight hours.

Ready to get cooking?

Great! Stop in and see us at Green Goddess Remedies for the culinary cannabis and experienced insight you need to get started! We can’t wait to hear about your kitchen adventures and your favorite edible recipes!

The Mindfulness/Marijuana Connection

The Mindfulness/Marijuana Connection

There seem to be two kinds of people in the world, those that love to be busy (and talk about how swamped they are), and those who embrace a slower way of life. When did being busy become a badge of honor? Why do some people feel like being the busiest is something to strive for? We’re all guilty of rushing through our morning routine or multitasking through a conversation with someone. Mindfulness is not our default mode, it’s a skill, and something we need to practice to achieve.

Marijuana can be a great tool to help us focus on slowing down and paying attention to what’s really going on around and within us. Whether you’re a mindfulness-master, or looking to get better about focusing on the present, we’ve put together some tips and resources to help you make the mindfulness/marijuana connection!

Conscious Cannabis Use

What do you love most about your favorite strain? That it puts you into a happy and uplifting state? That you get the giggles? That it calms your mind or relaxes your body? Practicing mindfulness while you’re using marijuana lets you truly embrace your high and focus on the benefits to make the most out of them!

You’ll feel the effects more easily and have a deeper connection with your high when you are mindfully using marijuana. You’ll also get a better sense of effects from different cannabis strains and dosages, making it easier to identify and replicate your best experiences.

Integrating Marijuana Into Your Mindfulness Routine

Shop carefully

Be deliberate about the products you’re buying. Ask your budtender for more background on the product, where it’s grown, what the company stands for and how it’s made. Smell the strain and pay close attention to the specifics you pick up and how your body reacts to it.

Choose a great spot

Plan ahead and choose a really great place to get high, somewhere you’re totally comfortable. Be sure to prep the space so you won’t be distracted or tempted to multitask.

Create a ritual

Whether you’re firing it up, snacking on an edible treat, or dabbing, be really intentional as you prepare for the experience! Get comfy, prep what you need, and choose who you’re going to be with carefully. Think about the steps you’re taking to prepare and as you get high. Enjoy each action and moment!

Choose a mindful activity

From yoga to journaling to meditation, there are a lot of options for how to practice mindfulness. Try a few different ones until you find what’s right for you. Don’t give up too early though, it can take time and practice! Portland has plenty of cannabis-enhanced yoga classes to join in on to help you out as well.

Meditation & Marijuana

Mindfulness and meditation often go hand in hand. When your brain is kicked into overdrive, mindful meditation is a great tool for coming back into the moment, not to mention the positive effects it can have for those dealing with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Adding in your favorite marijuana products can really help you dive deeper into those moments, for a beautiful and restorative experience. Here are some of our team’s favorite tips for a great meditation session:

“Choose something to focus your attention on before you start your medicated meditation.“
“Microdosing is a great way to start out, so you’re sure you’ve got the right strain and the right dose for a positive meditation session. Remember to be open and attentive to your body and feelings.”
“Choose a strain that helps you get into a happy, creative and cerebral headspace, or one that you know provides a calming vibe.”
“Remember that when meditating, you need to acknowledge the feelings and thoughts that come up, and let them go. Don’t beat yourself up for what you’re experiencing, let it all go.”
“Don’t be afraid to use guided meditation! There are some really great sessions available to help you focus your awareness.”
“Let your insecurities and worries melt away as you focus on your mantra or a specific sound or intention. Be open to learning about yourself and setting yourself free!”

Are you ready to learn more about the marijuana/mindfulness connection? We want to help! Stop into Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland’s Ashcreek neighborhood near Multnomah Village today! Our budtenders are here to help you find the right strain and products for your next meditation session, or just to help you be more intentional about your purchases.