Finding The Best Portland Marijuana Products

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Repeat visitors at our dispensary often go straight to their favorite cannabis products whether it be flower or delicious edible. They have some favorite brands and top picks, and can get laser-focused on knowing what they want. While we love when people have favorite products, we also love introducing all of our customers to something new! The team at Green Goddess Remedies has incredible relationships with the vendors of our cannabis products. Our vendors come from a tight knit community looking to sell local and add top-tier products to Portland cannabis dispensaries.

Green Goddess Remedies has been in the Portland cannabis industry since the start. We have watched it grow and evolve in Oregon throughout the years. Sometimes we like to sit back to reflect where we have come from. A big reason we have such a stable foothold in the Portland community is thanks to the quality products we receive from our vendors.

Sally, Owner of Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, OR

From Medical Producer to Owner of a Boutique Cannabis Dispensary

The 2008 market crash was tough for many of us and Green Goddess Remedies’ owner, Sally was no different. After a divorce and looming financial difficulties, she decided to reinvent herself during this time. By the time the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) started, Sally ventured into this new and emerging cannabis industry as a medical producer. The farm she created as a medical marijuana producer eventually gave birth to Green Goddess Remedies.

Finding Our Footing in the Portland Area

When Green Goddess Remedies opened, Sally had no clue where to find Portland cannabis vendors. As luck had it, Sally met Roshawn, the owner of Green Leaf Lab, who ended up saving the bacon. A week or two before Green Goddess Remedies opened, Roshawn gave a list of vendors to contact so Sally could have more than just flower to display for opening day.

What Life Has Been Life Since Inception

Finding cannabis vendors today is simple thanks to the variety of platforms we can use and wholesalers who add simplicity to purchasing. We truly admire all our marijuana product vendors because they are continually making changes in a volatile marketplace through their pure grit. Sadly, we have seen many wonderful companies and people leave the industry over the years but we appreciate all the relationships we have created and maintained.

Our Vendors From The Start

We need to give credit where credit is due. Green Goddess Remedies wouldn’t have gone as far as it has without our fantastic vendors. Here is a list of all our cannabis vendors we have had since the start!

Come Support them at Green Goddess, Portland’s best cannabis dispensary!

Whether you are new to using marijuana or looking to find the next best cannabis product, our Green Goddess Remedies budtenders are ready to help! Check out our online menu to see which products we currently have available then head to our cozy little shop near Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland.

Our Take on Topical Cannabis Products

Picture this:

You’re strolling through the Portland Japanese Garden and get a bee sting…
You’re whipping up some of your favorite pot brownies, but burn yourself as you’re taking them out of the oven…
You’ve been struggling with a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema for years, and can’t get a flare up under control…
You’re trying to enjoy a night out with friends, but can’t shake an awful headache…

You could try a home remedy, or an over-the-counter medication, but the right topical cannabis product could be exactly what you’re looking for. Cannabis topicals are popular for treating a lot of different issues. Here at Green Goddess, we have favorite topicals for everything from pain relief to skin care. Whether you’re up against inflammation, cramps, an injury or something else, we’re sure we can help you find the right topical cannabis product in our cozy little cannabis shop in Southwest Portland!

What are topical cannabis products?

Topicals are cannabis-infused products such as balms, creams, lotions, oils, patches, lubricants and sprays that can be absorbed through the skin. These products can be used for a variety of purposes such as first aid, cosmetics and skin care. They don’t get you high, rather these cannabis-infused products allow the cannabinoids to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. The amount of terpenes and cannabinoids depend on the topical application and can vary from item to item.

What can topicals be used for?

Topical cannabis products offer many benefits such as localized pain relief to help with muscle soreness, tension and inflammation. There are antiseptic properties to help keep wounds clean as well as antioxidants which help with anti-aging. The budtenders at Green Goddess are ready and waiting to learn more about your needs to help you learn more about which topicals could be best for your condition. Here are just a few of the issues we’ve helped customers with recently:

  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Muscle pain
  • Nerve and joint pain
  • Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne
  • Skin irritations, burns, and wounds
  • Bug bites and stings

What are the side effects of topicals?

As noted before, you won’t feel intoxicating effects from your topicals, though some THC-based topicals have been known to cause some feelings of euphoria. Everyone is different, so be sure to let your budtender know if you have any discomfort after using a topical cannabis product and contact a medical professional in emergency situations.

What topical cannabis products do you carry at Green Goddess Remedies?

Here at Green Goddess in Southwest Portland, we have a great inventory of topicals for our customers! From lip balms and bath bombs to pain relief sticks and clinical strength lotion, we’re proud of the topicals we stock and our budtenders’ experience in helping match the right products with our customers’ needs. Check out some of our favorite products today!

Visit Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland for Cannabis Topicals

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of topical cannabis products? Stop in and see us at Green Goddess! Conveniently located in Southwest Portland’s Ashcreek neighborhood, near Multnomah Village, Green Goddess has been one of Portland’s best dispensaries since 2013.

Your Guide to Finding The Best Portland Cannabis Dispensary

Your Guide to Finding The Best Portland Cannabis Dispensary

Portland is known for a lot of things, from coffee and food trucks to art and cycling, but our cannabis scene is a world all its own! Whether you were born and raised here in Portland, Oregon, or you moved here from anywhere else, there are so many reasons to love this amazing city. Everyone has their favorite local spots, but finding the best Portland cannabis dispensary is no easy task. This is a city full of amazing places to discover, each neighborhood is a village all it’s own, with its own personality and vibe.

There are over 90 officially recognized neighborhoods here in Portland, spread throughout the six quadrants (North Portland, Northeast Portland, Northwest Portland, South Portland, Southeast Portland, and Southwest Portland), each with unique restaurants, shops, bars and characters! Finding your favorites in each neighborhood is a fun way to explore and get to know this amazing city.

As one of the first places to legalize marijuana, there are a lot of cannabis shops in Portland. With so much buzz out there about “The 12 Best Dispensaries in Portland”, “Portland’s Best Cannabis Shops”, and “Top Marijuana Dispensary Menus in Portland”, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for your favorite dispensary shop. At Green Goddess, we’re here to help! Let’s take a look at a few of the factors you can use to help you find your favorite Portland dispensary.

How To Find the ‘Best Dispensary Near Me’ in Portland, Oregon

Shopping for the right Portland cannabis dispensary is just as important as shopping for your favorite cannabis strain or pot product. From the moment you walk into a dispensary, you should feel comfortable, but that means different things to different people.

Here at Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland, we’ve created a welcoming, cozy little craft cannabis shop. We’re not one of the big, cold corporate dispensaries. Walking into Green Goddess is more like walking into an old friend’s place than a store or pharmacy. We have the utmost respect for our products and our customers, but we’re not a sterile, aseptic dispensary. Here are a few things to look for as you’re browsing the best Portland cannabis dispensaries near you.

Green Goddess Remedies

Here in Southwest Portland, we’re known for our small-town vibe and being the heart of the city. Green Goddess certainly has a similar feel. Just minutes from Portland’s bustling city center, you feel like you’re walking into a cozy little escape from the world at our shop.

Know Portland’s Marijuana Laws

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of cannabis laws here in Portland as you shop around for your favorite dispensary. Here’s a quick overview.

  • You must be 21 and older and have a valid legal photo ID to buy, possess, and use cannabis.
  • You can purchase marijuana from OLCC-licensed retail stores. You can also grow your own or receive it as a gift.
  • There are limits to how much recreational marijuana you can possess. Possession of more than one ounce on your person (in public), or more than eight ounces in your household is illegal.
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal.
  • Adults 21 and older can use cannabis at home or on private property, but you can’t use recreational marijuana in public places.
  • When you find your favorite Portland dispensary, you can buy up to one ounce of flower, 72 oz of liquid edible, 16 oz of edibles, five grams of concentrates, four plants and 10 seeds.

Why People Think Green Goddess Remedies Is The Best Portland Dispensary

“I recently moved to the area at the beginning of the year with my boyfriend and we’ve both been going to all sorts of new places to try. I will tell you hands down this (Green Goddess Remedies) is the place to go! We no longer even go anywhere else and just call this “our place” now. The staff is wonderful, friendly and are amazingly helpful. They take their time to see what you’re looking for, and I’ll tell ya they literally found my boyfriend and my “glass slippers” lol. They only carry top shelf products, and get this: I’ve paid more for nothing special, and here I feel like I’m absolutely spoiled! I’ve showed friends how awesome this place is and they now will drive 45 min no problem to come here, it’s just worth it. And to whoever designed the interior, amazing job and I want to steal your interior design skills!” – Reagan L

“Absolutely adore this hidden outpost of canna bliss. The ladies and gents who run this spot are so kind and generous. Love chatting with all the budtenders, they always have a great smile and fantastic farm grown weed.” – Sean M

“One of the best dispensaries in SW Portland! Their house-grown flower has some of the frostiest and chunkiest nugs, and the staff is always down to go the extra mile to educate and inform.” – Matthew M

Getting to Green Goddess Remedies

Green Goddess is located in Southwest Portland at 5435 SW Taylors Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 97219. Conveniently located off of I-5 and SW Barbur Blvd/Pacific Highway in the Ashcreek neighborhood, near Multnomah Village.

If you have questions before you arrive at our Portland dispensary, please contact us or give us a call at (503) 764-9000. We can’t wait to welcome you into our craft cannabis shop here in Southwest Portland!

Explore Our Cannabis Cartridges & Pre-Rolls Menu

Cascade Valley Cannabis Rainbow Prerolls Available at Green Goddess Remedies in Portland Oregon

Though there’s something to be said about the ritual that comes with rolling your own, pre-rolled blunts, joints, and cartridges are great for smokers on the go, and those who can’t, or don’t want to do the prep work. When you’re looking to quickly and conveniently feel the effects of your favorite strains, pre-rolls and cartridges are flavorful and ready to go!

We’ve put together a menu of almost 100 pre-rolls and cartridges so that you can try out a variety of products to find your favorites at our boutique-style craft cannabis shop. We know how diverse our Portland customers are, and love that pre-rolls and cartridges give you the chance to experience different flavors and strains so conveniently! Our Green Goddess Remedies budtenders are here to help you explore our menu and answer any questions you may have along the way. Here are some tips to get you started, along with some of our favorite products you’ll find at Green Goddess!

Be picky.

Pre-rolls and cartridges are more popular than ever, which makes it so important to purchase them at a high-quality dispensary like Green Goddess. Low-quality products are often cut with fillers, which can be dangerous. Don’t risk it!

Embrace consistency.

Hand-rolling joints can be enjoyable, but cartridges and machine rolled pre-rolls are more consistent, giving you a more reliable experience every time!

Ask questions.

Ask your budtender about the strain, whether it’s full-spectrum, and about the product’s potency. Our staff will be able to answer any questions you have and make great recommendations for you, so you’re sure you’re selecting the right products.

Some of Our Favorite Pre-Rolls

Our Green Goddess Remedies staff can help you find the right strains and products. Before you stop into the shop for a visit, learn more about some of our favorite pre-roll and cartridge products below.


Order online now

Marijuana Pre-Rolls

New & Trending

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Best Sellers

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

More Pre-Rolls -

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Indica Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Indica Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Indica Pre-roll by Toking Blunts

Hybrid Pre-roll by Toking Blunts

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Hybrid Pre-roll by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Indica Pre-roll by Toking Blunts

Hybrid Pre-roll by Toking Blunts

Sativa Pre-roll by Toking Blunts

Cannabis Cartridges

New & Trending

More Marijuana Cartridges

Stop in soon! Our budtenders are experts on all of our products and would love the opportunity to help you find your new favorite. You can also shop online for express pick up or curbside delivery. Have questions? That’s great! Contact us and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Find Your Favorite Cannabis Flower at Green Goddess

Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis at Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, OR

We love to embrace the ceremony of breaking down a flower and packing a pipe or bowl, just as much as we love the crackle of a sparkly bud! Finding the right cannabis flower can be an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming experience. Whether you’re new to smoking or vaping and need help making your first purchase, or you’re a long-time smoker looking for a new favorite strain, you’re in the right place! We know how diverse our Portland customers are, and we’ve curated the right menu of cannabis flower products to ensure we can help you find your favorites at our cozy little shop near Multnomah Village!

Shopping for Cannabis Flowers

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when looking for something new, but we recommend you take your time when it comes to finding the right strain of cannabis flower. Our Green Goddess Remedies team is here to make sure you enjoy the experience, get all of your questions answered, and walk out excited to try the products. When you’re choosing a cannabis flower, keep these tips in mind:

Close Up of Marijuana Flowers for Sale at Available at Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland Oregon
Smell the flower.

The best flowers will have a strong odor. Citrusy, hoppy, sweet, skunky, whatever the dominant scent is, you’ll be able to easily tell when smelling high quality cannabis flowers.If you come across a cannabis flower that smells like hay or grass, the product probably wasn’t dried or cured well.

Pay attention to the trim job.

Hand-trimmed cannabis flowers are typically a higher quality product then machine-trimmed ones. The attention and care that goes into hand-trimming a flower will result in a better product.

Ask about the curing process.

Just like a tobacco product, cannabis benefits from time in an air-tight glass container to dry out. You’ll get maximum flavor from a cannabis flower that has been well-cured.

Look for colors.

Try to avoid flowers that are muted and colorless, and instead look for bright, colorful flowers with pink, purple, blue and orange hairs popping out from between the green buds.

Cannabis Flowers for Sale at Available at Green Goddess Remedies in Southwest Portland Oregon

Here at Green Goddess Remedies, we’re confident in our staff’s education and experience when it comes to matching our Portland customers with the right products. Get to know a bit more about our flower menu today!


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Our inventory doesn’t stop there, though! Check out all of our available cannabis flowers then stop in soon and talk to one of our amazing budtenders about what you’re looking for!

New - Try out our new cannabis flower products!

Flower by Taho Gardens

THC 29.31% | CBD 0.03%

Hybrid Flower by Pharm

THC 20.5%

Indica Flower by Dreamfield

Flower by Nebadon Farms

Best Sellers - These marijuana flowers are our best sellers for a reason, don’t miss out!

Flower by DYME Brands

THC 18.69% | CBD 2.23%

Hybrid Flower by Otto’s OG Farm

THC 21.68% | CBD 0.07%

Trending Now - Experience what the buzz is all about with our trending flowers!

Hybrid Flower by Honu Inc.

THC 24.49% | CBD 0.16%

Flower by 45th Latitude

THC 31.8%

More Cannabis Flower Products from Green Goddess Remedies

Hybrid Flower by Cosmic Treehouse

THC 20.24% | CBD 0.06%

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 18.4%

Hybrid Flower by Good Dog Farms

THC 25.4%

Hybrid Flower by Cosmic Treehouse

THC 18.16%

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 17%

Hybrid Flower by Emerald Green Gardens

THC 23.2%

Flower by 45th Latitude

THC 21.7%

Indica Flower by Good Dog Farms

THC 23.2%

Hybrid Flower by East Farm Cultivars

THC 6.02% | CBD 4.76%

Indica Flower by Sow Canna

THC 21.85% | CBD 1.73%

Sativa Flower by Truly Oreganic

THC 19.3% | CBD 0.04%

Hybrid Flower by East Fork Cultivars

THC 0.84% | CBD 14.8%

Hybrid Flower by Horticulture

THC 28.02% | CBD 0.09%

Hybrid Flower by Panky

THC 23.28% | CBD 0.14%

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 20.3%

Hybrid Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 17.1%

Hybrid Flower by Cosmic Treehouse

THC 25.5%

Indica Flower by Nebadon Farms

THC 18.75%

Flower by Horticulture Distribution LLC

THC 28.02% | CBD 0.09%

We can’t wait to help you find your new favorite cannabis flower at Green Goddess! Whether you’re looking for your first flower or you’re a discerning smoker ready for something new, Green Goddess is the right place to make your next purchase. Stop in and see us soon, or contact us with any questions you have!

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Green Goddess: Not Your Average Portland Cannabis Dispensary

Green Goddess Remedies, High-End Cannabis Dispensary in Portland Oregon

When you travel, do you do a ton of research and planning before your trip, or are you more of a spontaneous adventurer? No matter how you like to travel, everyone loves stumbling upon a local favorite spot or “hidden gem” in a community. Green Goddess Remedies is a lot like that, the favorite cannabis dispensary for many locals here in Southwest Portland, for so many reasons. The best Portland coffee shops, restaurants, and stores are often not the biggest or the flashiest. Instead, they’re usually well established with a great personality all their own. When you walk into Green Goddess, you’ll see what we’re talking about. Whether it’s your first time in our cannabis shop, or you’re back for another visit, you’ll feel as welcome and comfortable as if you were walking into an old friend’s house.You’ll typically find the most knowledgeable, diverse staff at these kinds of places, willing to sit down and really have a conversation with you. Our budtenders will do just that, taking the time to get to know you and your cannabis preferences from flower to edibles, so we can help you find the right products, often from vendors in the Portland area. Green Goddess Remedies is not your average Southwest Portland cannabis dispensary, it’s so much more.

We have been part of the Ashcreek neighborhood near Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland since 2013. Initially, we opened our boutique-style craft cannabis shop to serve people who were looking for medicinal marijuana. Today, Green Goddess is still a cozy little craft cannabis shop that welcomes first-time customers just as warmly as we do our long-time regulars who have been with us since the early days. Locals tell us they recommend Green Goddess to new customers and visitors because of our extremely knowledgeable budtenders, high-end cannabis products and accessories, and casual neighborhood vibe.

There are a lot of Portland marijuana dispensaries, and it can be intimidating to walk into one for the first time. At Green Goddess, we want you to feel comfortable, accepted, and empowered from the moment you walk our dispensary door. The Portland cannabis scene is competitive, with new, well-funded corporate dispensaries coming and going all the time. Green Goddess has thrived because our team has a personal commitment to our customers and we’re dedicated to bringing you a great selection of the best, high-end cannabis products.

The Green Goddess Remedies Team

“Creating and operating the Goddess has been the most exciting adventure of my life. Everything seems to have flowed naturally and happily over the years. I’ve learned it’s the people around me that make the Goddess a success. I’m fortunate to have a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, many of whom have been with me for years.”

Sally, Owner of Green Goddess Remedies

Green Goddess Remedies is a women-owned craft cannabis shop that is staffed by an experienced, passionate team that’s as diverse as the community we serve. We welcome everyone and value the relationships we’ve built and we’re genuinely excited to help people find the right cannabis products for whatever it is you need. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, something to help with your mental health, or the right product for a fun night with friends, our staff is here to listen to your needs and make the best recommendations.

Our Cannabis Menu & Products

We’ve curated a thoughtful cannabis menu that includes a diverse selection of high-end strains from over 75 vendors, including our own farm! From cartridges, prerolls, and concentrates to flowers and edibles, and even topical cannabis products, our budtenders will help you find the right marijuana products. We have an amazing spectrum of THC and CBD strengths and of course indica, or sativa dominant strains. We love to help our customers find the right match for their needs.

Not sure where to start? Stop into our Southwest Portland dispensary and meet our budtenders! They have the experience and passion to help you find the cannabis products and accessories you’re looking for. Whether you’re cannabis curious and looking to experience marijuana for the first time, or you’re a long-time cannasseur exploring new cannabis strains and products, our staff is here to help.

Why We’re Different

At our Southwest Portland dispensary, we care about creating personal connections with our customers. Cannabis is a fascinating and fun product with so many possibilities for use. We’ve spent years talking with our local vendors and regular customers about cannabis. We can confidently say (without trying to brag), that we are dedicated experts. We take pride in passing what we know on to our customers. We believe in educating and empowering everyone that walks through our doors.

From the moment you step into our marijuana shop, you should feel at home. We focus on the beauty and presence of what we do and how we do it, to create a fun, and fantastic experience for all. Everyone at Green Goddess devotes their time and energy into our little shop so that your experience is more than exceptional! We know our customers have made us one of Portland’s finest and most enduring cannabis dispensaries so we continue to build our community, one customer at a time. We look forward to your visit to Green Goddess.

Reviews for Green Goddess Remedies in Portland, Oregon  

We pride ourselves on offering you not only the best high-end cannabis products and accessories but also the best customer service. Our customers say it best in their own words, check out the reviews!

“Love the service and the atmosphere! The staff is always super nice, very patient and knowledgeable. Would recommend them to anyone a bit nervous to go into a dispensary, it is definitely one of the nicest ones I’ve been in so far”

Sarah S.

“Absolutely stunning inside and out. The atmosphere is beautiful and exactly what you want in a purchasing experience. Also the employees are knowledgeable and so friendly!”

Annika C.

“Great quality cannabis, excellent prices and great boutique dispensary. I recommend this place”

Marcella J.

“Very positive experience my first visit. Very helpful service with an awesome selection and good prices. Will definitely be shopping there again in the future” 

Evan D.

If our cozy little marijuana dispensary sounds like the place for you, please come check us out here in Southwest Portland! We love seeing new faces come through our doors and would love to help you find the exact cannabis products and accessories you’re looking for. Take a look at our online marijuana dispensary menu as we do have pickup and curbside delivery options, otherwise, we’ll see you soon! Contact us at (503)-764-9000 or for more information on our cannabis products and price ranges.