5 Trends and Predictions for Cannabis in 2022

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It’s always fun to look at each new year and make predictions on what it may have in store for us. Since Green Goddess Remedies’ start in 2013 as a medical cannabis dispensary we have seen the cannabis industry thrive. It has been full of surprises and we always look forward to the new products and different strains that come to market. At our cozy store in Southwest Portland, Green Goddess Remedies has seen trends emerge and leave. We are eager to see what 2022 will bring us and have created a list of some of our cannabis predictions below.

1. The Return of OG Kush

The cannabis market has exploded with exotic new products and users may start craving the famous kush balanced high. Classic strains always have an appeal with long-time cannabis enthusiasts. Much like slipping on a pair of old blue jeans, or putting a beautiful old LP on the turntable, a classic strain is like having an old friend drop in for a visit. At Green Goddess, we like to carry classic strains when we can get’em.   We have a little Maui Waui in stock.  Let us know what you like, and we’ll see if we can get it for you.

2. Lifestyle-Oriented Products

With cannabis becoming more mainstream, it was bound to have a touch of luxury added to its products. This means more facial lotions infused with THC and CBD as well as “cannagars” which are made with premium flower. We are selling a lot of High Desert Pure, lotions and bath bombs and massage oils. We’ve noticed an uptick in the popularity of this brand especially,  High Desert Pure makes outstanding products we’ve listed their bath bomb below on our list of favorites.

3. More Variety of Cannabis Beverages

Edibles have always been a popular substitute for smoking bud but there has been a lack of cannabis beverages. We believe 2022 will bring more cannabis beverage choice to the industry which could include teas, sodas or even THC cocktails. Right now the Goddess carries Magic Number’s Ginger Beer.  If you want your Moscow Mule to really kick, try a little of this as a substitute for your traditional ginger beer.  Again, let us know if you’d like to see more of this kind of product in the store.

4. Low-dose edibles

More people are discovering edibles but they want something that isn’t as potent. Low-dose edibles may see a rise in 2022 as customers want to relax while staying functional.

5. Time-released Cannabis

In the same realm as the low-dose edibles, time-released cannabis capsules may become more popular this year. It offers a more mild experience over time.

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